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Boutique hotel on a mission to protect and preserve the ocean and marine life.





A Hotel rooted in passion & purpose.

Why a hotel with Purpose?

Because we believed that our hotel should reflect our values and philosophies? As surfers and ocean lovers we believed that traveling sustainability shouldn't be so hard.  We had a vision for a hotel that could leave a positive impact on the community, ocean and our future. We are building a conscious hotel that will inspire conscious travel!

Co-working & Adventure

The Surf House is being built to be an off grid eco destination. Soon to be the first net zero hotel in Barbados! 

Upon completion the property will comprise of 26 rooms and 44 hostel beds.

We're building a brand that sees sustainability as not something that we do but the core of who we are as a company.

Experience a new brand of hospitality!

We've chosen to build using as many local and sustainable materials as possible.

Also incorporating water efficient equipment and fixtures to reduce our consumption.

As a hotel we are focused on reducing the effects that hotels have on the environment and at the same time increasing  positive impact on the local community.

We're building a hotel that understands that our sustainability is dependent on preserving and conserving the environments, cultures and communities in which we operate.

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