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Our Story

"We're building purposeful spaces for a better future."

The Surf House, is the love child of an ocean-loving, surf couple, Rudel and Keva. Barbados is where Rudel grew up and learned to surf. Our mission is to run a surf house that is not only upscale and trendy, but also offers ocean lodging with a broader social and environmental purpose. As surfers the ocean is our playground.  As we traveled from coast to coast in search of the best waves, we also recognized that with the development of hotels and resorts our coastlines are continually threatened. We're problem solvers creating a unique hotel experience. Our desire for a healthy ocean led us to create a purpose filled hotel that will inspire travelers to become more connected to their travel footprint and the ocean.
Just in case you're wondering who we are...
We're surfers who currently reside in Brooklyn, NY… and yes, there is surfing in NYC!  Our lives currently and will forever revolve around the ocean.

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